My family has a long history of competitive miniature golf. My parents used to play before I was born and one of my fondest memories growing up was stopping with dad after church to play Putt-Putt.

When most people hear "putt-putt" they automatically associate the term with miniature golf. In fact if you do an image search on Flickr or Google for "putt-putt" the majority of the images are not actually of a branded Putt-Putt course but a standard miniature golf course.

So when I talk about "Putt-Putt" I actually mean the branded orange coarse with the aluminum side rails. This is how Wikipedia describes the course:

Putt-Putt’s short holes are designed so that a hole-in-one can be scored on each hole with a skillful putt, often through the use of banking; the metal rails facilitate accurate caroms. Most mini-golf courses include holes that are impossible to ace, and those that can be aced often rely on luck due to extremely long holes and randomly placed obstacles. Additionally, the borders of each hole usually are made of rocks or uneven brick, making accurate banking difficult.


I think because Putt-Putt put so much effort into the game being skillful and not just lucky my dad loved to play. Nowadays when we play on a regular miniature golf course you can guarantee he'll make a comment about how these courses are just built for luck. That, I think takes a lot of fun of out the competition for my dad.

On those Sunday nights (of which I'm not sure how many there actually were) we would stop in get our metal putters and white balls (they didn't have colored balls if I remember correctly), and proceed to play the front 18. The course we played actually had 36 holes if you wanted to keep going.

I remember there was these flashing orange lights and if you got a hole-in-one when the lights were flashing you got to have your name announced over the speaker for everyone to hear and you also got to play with an special orange ball.

These are the moments I hope I'm creating with my kids.

Thanks dad for stopping in to play Putt-Putt with me.