I was recently inspired by Aaron Draplin to create a poster of logos, places, and names from my native state of Colorado. The project is dedicated to rediscovering and creating new logos for the places in Colorado that shaped my childhood.

Along the way its a great opportunity to tell the stories that have shaped many memories for me growing up.

There are so many places and names that have etched their memories into my brain and evoke a strong feeling of nostalgia and longing. For example, at the Westminster Mall, there were these large balloons in the middle of a water feature that would go up and down almost magically. I remember sitting or laying on the carpeted steps in front of them and being transfixed as they would float up by some unseen force and then squish back down again. I must not have been the only one because there is a nine minute video on YouTube of just these balloons...

So every logo, place, and name I'm working on has a special place in my memory growing up. I plan on sharing all of these as I work my way through this project.

And its not just about nostalgia, I want to hone my illustrative skills, and also bring back or create new logos that have been long forgotten.