There are moments in your childhood when you encounter something that is larger than life either in sheer physical scale or something you can't mentally comprehend.

The first time I stepped foot into the Phipps IMAX Theater at the Denver Museum of Natural History was a bit of both. You see when you walk into the theater you enter from down below on the right side of the screen. But here's the thing as you walk in you see a mountain of seats to your left and a giant wall to your right. It's only after a minute that you realize that giant wall on your right is actually the screen. All 6 stories of it.

That will make you feel pretty small pretty quick.

The private school I attended through 6th grade went to the museum and IMAX almost every year so I got to see a number of great films and documentaries. My favorites were Speed and anything to do with space.

I always dreamed of playing Super Mario Bros. on that thing. Maybe some day.