I often have original images laying around my hard drive I've created for a project or just for fun. I'm starting to curate some and release them here as free downloads. You may use these images however you wish.

There is no license attached to them, not even attribution (though that would be cool).

Each image has a ratio of 16x9 and has a resolution of 5120 pixels by 2,880 pixels which will fit nicely and make a great wallpaper on one of those fancy Apple 5k Retina displays :)

If you use an image, please take a second to contact me when your project is finished – I would love to see what you've created. Enjoy!

Black and white bible open on wood table.

Bible with person during service.

iPad in leather case on wood table with Bible app open.

Communion tray with candles.

Presonus sound board

Shure microphone in front of colored background

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