Baseball has big part in the story of my childhood. Not only did I play a lot of baseball growing up but I went to a lot of games. 

Professional baseball was always around whether we were going to Denver Zephyr games or Rockies games, but it was definitely something special to have a major league club in your hometown. Part of the magic of going to a baseball game is the stadium. Each stadium holds memories, records, historic games and incredible moments.

When the Rockies first came to town they played in Mile High Stadium which was home to the Denver Broncos. It wasn't until the first year at Coors Field where I felt we actually had a real team.

Coors Field is a fantastic baseball park. It was designed durning the era when new parks were trying to go for the old nostalgic looks of years past. So there is a lot of brickwork, exposed ironwork and of course the hand-operated scoreboard in the outfield. 

My family had a share of season tickets for a few years and the left field stands were ours to roam. We were back about 20 rows so unless someone really bombed one (which happened occasionally) we weren't going to get our hands on a prized home run ball. It was a great view however.

I haven't been back in a number of years but the field still holds its own and with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline it will be one of the most beautiful baseball fields for years to come.

Banner photo by Chelsea Nesvig