Can We Trust Ted Cruz?

Without trust relationships fail.

It’s a fact that has roots all the way back in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve believed the serpent and thought God was lying to them, the relationship to their creator (and subsequently all of mankind) was utterly broken.

For any relationship to work, whether between friends, spouses or even those who hold office to the people they represent there must be trust.

This is one of the reasons why Washington is so fundamentally broken. We do not trust the politicians there. For this reason trust is major component of how I vet any candidate for my support.

In recent days the narrative of Ted Cruz is quickly becoming that he can’t be trusted. In fact its sort of ironic that the campaign logo you see often is the combination of the words “trust” and “ted” to form the word “trusted.”

How can you know whether or not to trust someone? Can I trust Ted Cruz? Should I believe it, when the media and other candidates call him a liar? I am a firm believer a person’s character can be seen by what they do, how they react and most importantly how they respond when the truth will hurt them.

So can I trust Ted Cruz?

I believe wholeheartedly the answer is yes and here are four specific instances that demonstrate why.

Standing Tall

Late last summer a link was shared on Facebook that had an intriguing headline: “Ted Cruz Calls Mitch McConnell A Liar on the Senate Floor.” That’s not something you see every day and it caught my attention. So I watched the video...all 20 minutes of CSPAN goodness. Now normally I would rather stab myself in the eye than watch CSPAN, but I was captivated by Cruz’s speech. Not only was he a great orator but he was standing up to members of his own party. I hadn’t seen that before. That immediately told me Cruz was not interested in playing games or getting comfy in Washington. It also told me he would not break under pressure and was not afraid of Washington. In that moment Cruz proved he would keep his word and stand up to those in Washington who made bad deals.


Next. During the CNBC debate in late October the moderators started off by asking a series of ridiculous questions. Ted Cruz stopped the debate and called out the moderators on the lack of issues being discussed. And what happened next was amazing. Every person on the stage followed the lead of Ted Cruz and unified behind him. Some of the most powerful people in the world stood behind the leadership of Ted Cruz and went to battle with the moderators. Cruz was coalesce that group and lead them by speaking the truth. Again I can trust Ted Cruz because he is willing to put himself out there and go where nobody else is willing to go to stand up for what he believes and the people of America.


The next instance that grabbed my attention was a couple weeks before the Iowa Caucus. A rival campaign’s Super PAC had put out an ad intended to smear Cruz that basically consisted of two women sitting at a kitchen table gossiping about how much the candidates had given to charity. The ad stated that Cruz had given very little and both women were shocked to hear it.

Now, set aside the fact that we are apparently vetting candidates based on gossip and their tithing percentage, this would have been the easiest smear to brush aside. When asked about the ad by a reporter, Cruz very easily could have turned the tables and said that he doesn’t report what he gives because he doesn’t want the credit. Not only would that have made his rival look petty it would have made Cruz look good. But Cruz wasn’t interested in making himself look good. In fact he told that reporter that “I have not been as faithful in this aspect of my walk as I should have been.

He owned it.

Folks, this is leadership. This is humility. In a moment where Cruz seemingly had everything to gain by lying, he didn’t.


Lastly, at the final debate three days before the Iowa Caucus the moderators had prepared a “gotcha” question directed at Cruz asking him about his position on ethanol subsidies. (If you’re not familiar, ethanol is perceived to be a big deal here in Iowa.) As the question was asked the network went split screen with Cruz and Governor Terry Brandstand who had days before called for Iowans to not support Cruz, and amidst the cheers of lobbyists in the crowd Cruz held firm to his belief that Washington should not pick who wins and loses by giving them federal subsidies. He did this in Iowa. He did this three days before a vote that very well could have ended his campaign. He stuck to his principles again with seemingly everything to lose.

Why do I trust Ted Cruz? Because he has stood up against the fiercest of opposition. He has stood up when he had everything to lose. He stood up and admitted when he was wrong.
I want a candidate that says all the right things, and says that he will fight for what he believes in, but more important is the fact that I want a candidate that has kept his word and actually fought for what he said he would.