Can Ted Cruz Run For President? [Infographic]

The question of whether or not Senator Ted Cruz can run for president has been brought up and answered over the past several years. In fact all the way back in 2013 Senator Cruz released personal documents including his birth certificate to satiate those who would make the claim he is ineligible.

Sadly the "birthers" as they're known are muddying up the waters for regular people. This really should be somewhat of a "common-sense" law but some don't see it that way.

Regardless of what many of the "birthers" claim many legal minds on both sides of the aisle have weighed in, and the vast, vast majority say this is absolutely a non-issue. However, many of you (myself included) may not know exactly what the constitution says about this issue or what legal scholars have said. So, I've created a simple infographic you can learn from and share with others who may have questions.


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